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God Cloud is the largest Christian internet portal on the Web!

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GodCloud.Org is a full-featured internet portal for Christians and those seeking the truth about God. God Cloud provides access to churches, ministries, Christian groups, events and charities, news, jobs and volunteer opportunities, as well as numerous other features important to the 250 Million people who self-identify as Christians throughout the country.  If you are a church, ministry, charity, group, business, or event, provides the very best opportunity to reach out to Christians and those seeking spiritual answers.

God Cloud contains the largest detailed database of Christian Churches on the web.  And unlike other directory type of websites, GodCloud.Org contains information about Churches, Ministries and other organizations that you wont find anywhere else.  God Cloud provides all of the important information you need to make decisions about where to visit or participate.

For example, God Cloud not only provides the name, location and contact information of a church or ministry, it also tells you the denomination, staff, size, when founded, style of worship, type of music, customary attire, website address, social media webpages, what they believe, worship and meeting times, and much more.  In fact, most GodCloud.Org church profiles includes images and videos of the Church and its services.  As a result, God Cloud provides the very best information to make the very best church and ministry related decisions!